Michael Wonder Michael Wonder
Founder / CEO


MAESTrO is an online market access data resource and consultancy based in Sydney, Australia.

Building on Michael’s 20 years’ experience in health technology assessment, we constantly invest in expert research, analysis, customer support and design to create a comprehensive database of global market access submissions and outcomes.

Thomas Mulvaney
Thomas Mulvaney
Thomas Crowley
Thomas Crowley
Development manager
Mark Reuten
Mark Reuten
User Experience

Our people

MAESTrO’s growing team reflects the growing demand for our unique services. As a privately-owned, founder-led company MAESTrO is agile and responsive, meeting your specific needs without getting in your way. We invest in research, customer support and great design.

Emily Tjeuw
Emily Tjeuw
Database Manager
Rob Gower
Rob Gower
Marketing manager

About Michael

Michael gained his B.Sc (Hons) in Biochemistry & Pathology from the University of Melbourne and a B. Pharm. from the Victorian College of Pharmacy, before working as a hospital pharmacist for five years. He then moved to Novartis Pharmaceuticals Australia as their first Health Economics Manager, working on strategic development and preparation of reimbursement and/or pricing submissions, before being appointed Director of Global Pricing and Market Access Operations for Novartis Pharma AG.

Since 2011, Michael has been an independent consultant on biopharmaceutical reimbursement and pricing matters. He has also acted as an expert advisor to the Masters of Science in International Health Technology Assessment, Pricing and Reimbursement at the University of Sheffield and the Distance Learning Certificate Program in Health Economics and Outcomes Research at the University of Washington.

Michael has a strong record of speaking and publishing on medical and health economy topics, including:

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About Emily

Emily has been with MAESTrO Database since graduating from a Bachelor of Pharmacy in 2018. She takes an active role in the management of international regulatory and reimbursement versions of the database.

Throughout her pharmacy degree, Emily gained experience in hospital and community pharmacy environments, and also worked in a compounding pharmacy for a number of years. While studying, she became interested in web development and programming, learning the fundamentals of popular programming languages through online courses. Wanting to explore this further, she completed a postgraduate IT degree from the University of NSW, where she studied various aspects of computing and information processing in depth.

Combining her health and technology backgrounds, Emily has also worked for a company providing software solutions for pharmacies all across Australia, assisting in development, database and support roles.