Aimmune statement on ICER final report on AR101 for peanut allergy

Aimmune Therapeutics

11 July 2019 - Exclusion of long-term desensitization and patient quality-of-life data by ICER fails to recognize the full value AR101 immunotherapy can deliver to the peanut allergy community.

Aimmune Therapeutics cautions stakeholders against drawing conclusions from the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review’s (ICER’s) final report on emerging desensitisation treatments for peanut allergy, released yesterday. In its review, ICER fails to incorporate available data on both long-term outcomes and quality-of-life. ICER’s analysis and the public meeting discussion discounted patient and community perspectives on the physical, social and psychological benefits of desensitisation.

The resulting final report is biased against immunotherapy, generally, and fails to specifically capture the full value of AR101. Aimmune joins advocates and clinical experts asking payers and policymakers to engage in more thoughtful, unbiased consideration of available evidence—including patient perspectives on quality-of-life improvements and relief from the stress and fear of accidental exposure—when evaluating emerging treatments for peanut allergy.

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