Are you paying the NHS for more drugs than you need? Billions worth of life-saving cancer remedies are poured down the drain every year

Daily Mail

26 July 2016 - Out of the £5,000 her family paid for medication, a fifth went down the drain.

Derek Davies loves his wife with a rare passion, so when 73-year-old Beryl was diagnosed with cancer two years ago, he was determined to help her fight it.

The self-made businessman set about trying to understand her condition and get her the best available treatment.

This has led him to a drug which, against all the odds, has had a dramatic effect on Beryl’s condition — a rare form of ovarian cancer usually found only in babies and young women.

But it’s come at a huge financial cost. So far, the couple have had to spend tens of thousands of pounds on the drug that has kept Beryl alive.

Not only that: for every dose of the drug they buy, which costs them around £5,000 every few weeks, around £1,000 of it has to be thrown away.

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