CVS, Walmart reach an agreement on a pharmacy contract after impasse


18 January 2019 - CVS Health and Walmart said the world's largest retailer would remain part of CVS's network for commercial and Medicaid pharmacy customers.

Just days after announcing an impasse in reimbursement negotiations, CVS Health and Walmart said the companies had resolved their dispute, averting a split between two of the nation's largest pharmacy retailers.

On Monday, CVS announced that Walmart would be leaving the drugstore network of its pharmacy benefit unit, CVS Caremark because the two could not come to an agreement on how much the PBM unit would pay Walmart pharmacies to fill prescriptions. Analysts said a break-up would have resulted in more than 50 million CVS Caremark commercial and Medicaid plan members no longer being reimbursed for filling prescriptions at Walmart.

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Michael Wonder