EQ-5D and the EuroQol Group: past, present and future


17 March 2017 - The Office of Health Economics has posted a new item entitled 'EQ-5D and the EuroQol Group: Past, Present and Future'.

The article, authored by Office of Health Economics' Professor Nancy Devlin in collaboration with Richard Brooks (both long standing members of the EuroQol Group), provides an overview of the development of the EQ-5D; the current state of play in the use of these questionnaires worldwide to measure patient reported health; and considers what the future might hold for their further development and use in health technology assessment (HTA) and other applications.

Over the period 1987–1991 an inter-disciplinary group developed the EuroQol instrument, the EQ-5D. The instrument allows patients to self-report their health in terms of five dimensions (mobility, usual activities, self care, pain/discomfort, and anxiety/depression) and three levels (no, some or extreme problems).

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