Google sister company Verily is teaming with big pharma on clinical trials

NBC News

21 May 2019 - Pharma companies are looking to work with Verily, which is part of the Alphabet umbrella, as they try to find ways to modernise their clinical trials and speed up the time it takes to bring a new drug to market.

Verily, the health and life sciences company under Google parent-company Alphabet, is moving into the clinical trials space.

The company announced Tuesday strategic alliances with the pharmaceutical companies Novartis, Sanofi, Otsuka and Pfizer to help it move more deeply into the medical studies market. The goals for Verily, and its pharma partners, are to reach patients in new ways, make it easier to enrol and participate in trials, and aggregate data across a variety of sources, including the electronic medical record or health-tracking wearable devices.

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