Insights from the agenda for the July 2021 PBAC meeting

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7 April 2021 - Notwithstanding the fact that it will be updated in week 8, this agenda looks different.

For starters, the mix of applicants is different:

  • Five submissions from two Chinese pharmaceutical companies - Antagene and BeiGene. These are the first ever PBAC submissions from a Chinese pharmaceutical company,
  • Submissions from other new comers - Maxx Pharma, Theramex, Chiesi, Eusa Pharma, Terumo
  • No submissions from MSD, Roche & Amgen

The mix of medicines is also different. While there is a high number of submissions for new medicines (i.e. medicines not/never listed on the PBS), some of them are hardly new:

  • Esketamine hydrochloride was first registered by the FDA in 1970 (albeit for another indication)
  • Opicapone was first registered by the EMA in 2016
  • Siltuximab was registered by the FDA and EMA in 2014
  • Trabectedin was first registered by the EMA in 2007

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Michael Wonder