Kinnate Biopharma receives fast track designation from the US Food and Drug Administration for KIN-2787, an investigational pan-RAF inhibitor

Kinnate Biopharma

21 September 2022 - Kinnate Biopharma today announced that the US FDA has granted Fast Track designation for Kinnate’s investigational pan-RAF inhibitor, KIN-2787, for treatment of patients with BRAF Class II or III alteration positive and/or NRAS mutation positive stage IIb to IV malignant melanoma that is metastatic or unresectable.

KIN-2787 is an orally available, potent and selective small molecule pan-RAF inhibitor being evaluated in KN-8701, an on-going Phase 1 global clinical trial in patients with solid tumours harbouring BRAF alterations or who have NRAS mutant melanoma.

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