More startling revelations from the Public Summary Document for upadacitinib monohydrate (Rinvoq)

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8 March 2021 - Take a seat before reading any further.

On the PBS website, the Department has indicated that the Public Summary Document for upadacitinib monohydrate from the November 2019 has been updated in the light of the Committee's consideration of a resubmission from AbbVie in November 2020.

Insofar as the PBAC requested a corrigenda to the November 2019 Public Summary Document for upadacitinib monohydrate be issued, one expected the addition of text to the Public Summary Document from 2019.

This has not occurred. The Department of Health has actually deleted text from the original versionThere is no indication in the document or on the PBS website that text has been deleted.

How do I know this? I have an electronic copy of the original document from the 2019 meeting.  All discussion on the contentious statistical issue has been deleted. This cannot be a simple inadvertent error.  

The Department doesn't want the world to know that the PBAC got it wrong. Something must have happened after the November 2020 PBAC meeting otherwise the comment in the outcome statement about the addition of a corrigenda would not have been made.

Is this first time the Department of Health has revised an official document by the way of the deletion of (important) text without public notification? Who knows?

The Department has stooped to a new low.  One expects Government to behave better than this. The Department's action has undermined the whole system. The pharmaceutical industry will be even more wary in its dealings with Government as the distrust dial is turned up. The biggest loser has to be the Australian public.

Michael Wonder

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Michael Wonder