Roche receives FDA approval for expanded use of the CINtec PLUS Cytology test to aid clinicians in preventing cervical cancer


16 September 2020 - Next generation biomarker cytology test supports World Health Organization’s goal to eliminate cervical cancer, which is nearly 100% preventable with proper screening, vaccination and treatment.

Roche today announced U.S. FDA approval for the expanded use of CINtec PLUS Cytology, the first triage test based on biomarker technology for women whose cervical cancer screening results are positive for high-risk types of human papillomavirus. 

Additional information from this test supports clinical decisions about which women will benefit most from immediate follow-up. Laboratories can now use CINtec PLUS Cytology to triage positive results from the cobas human papillomavirus test run on the fully integrated, automated and high-throughput cobas 6800/8800 Systems.

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