Strengthening interaction with academia

30 June 2016 - EMA consults academia in preparation of a framework of collaboration.

The EMA has held a workshop with representatives from academia to explore new ways to engage with academics and researchers. The workshop was hosted by EMA’s Healthcare Professionals Working Party on 15th June.

The collaboration between EMA and academia is longstanding. Many representatives from the academic sector contribute their expertise and knowledge as experts in the evaluation of medicines, ensuring that regulatory developments in the evaluation and monitoring of medicines are keeping pace with the speed of scientific development.

“EMA wants to move to a new level of collaboration with academia. Science is progressing fast and we see an unprecedented level of complexity in the development and evaluation of new medicines. Academia play an important role in helping the EU medicines regulatory network to keep abreast of the opportunities and challenges brought by science and to have access to the right expertise to evaluate these innovative medicines,” explained EMA Executive Director Guido Rasi at the workshop. “Interaction with EU regulators and a better understanding of the regulatory environment can help academia translate their discoveries into patient-focused medicines. I believe that working more closely together will bring great benefits to public health.”

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Michael Wonder