Ten recommendations to unlock the potential of big data for public health in the EU


20 January 2020 - The joint Big Data Task Force of EMA and the Heads of Medicines Agencies proposes ten priority actions for the European medicines regulatory network to evolve its approach to data use and evidence generation, in order to make best use of big data to support innovation and public health, in a report published today .

Big data are extremely large, rapidly accumulating datasets captured across multiple settings and devices, for example through wearable devices, electronic health records, clinical trials or spontaneous adverse reaction reports. Coupled to rapidly developing technology, big data can complement the evidence from clinical trials and fill knowledge gaps on a medicine, and help to better characterise diseases, treatments and the performance of medicines in individual healthcare systems. 

The rapidly changing data landscape forces regulators to evolve and change the way they access, manage and analyse data and to keep pace with the rapid advances in science and technology.

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