The Liberals’ plan for Pharmacare? We’re still waiting

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14 March 2019 - The Trudeau government is edging closer to announcing its proposals for some kind of national drug insurance, but it’s still unknown what will be in the box labelled “Pharmacare” – or when it will be made public.

Last week, Ottawa’s advisory council on the implementation of national Pharmacare released its interim report. At a mere eight pages, it was heavy on goals and thin on details. But the fact that Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor and Finance Minister Bill Morneau were brought in to unveil it suggests that doing something big on Pharmacare remains a Liberal priority.

The Pharmacare advisory council’s final report, scheduled to land before the start of summer, could set up Pharmacare as a key plank in the Liberal election platform. This fall could see Liberals, New Democrats and Conservatives pitching three sharply different visions to voters.

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Michael Wonder

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Michael Wonder