What experimental drug? Most companies don’t post compassionate use policies

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11 October 2016 - As patients clamour for greater access to experimental medicines, a survey released Tuesday finds that just 19% of 100 pharmaceutical companies publicly post policies about their programs for obtaining these medicines, which are known as compassionate use. 

Moreover, only one of those companies posted information about specific procedures for making requests, and this company did not list any contact information.

More specifically 52$ of the 25 companies with a market capitalisation of greater than $10 billion analysed by consulting firm Avalere Health disclosed policies on their web sites. By contrast, 14% of medium-sized companies — those with market caps between $1.5 billion and $10 billion — posted details and only 4% of smaller companies, with market caps of less than $1.5 billion, did the same.

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Michael Wonder

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Michael Wonder