What is the evidence from past NICE single-technology appraisals regarding company submissions with base-case incremental cost-effectiveness ratios of less than £10,000/QALY?

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22 March 2018 - NICE has recently proposed that company submissions with a base-case incremental cost-effectiveness ratio of less than £10,000/quality-adjusted life-yearmight be eligible for a “fast-track” appraisal.

In total, 15% (26 of 171) of single technology assessments (STAs) included a company submission with a base-case ICER of less than £10,000/QALY. Of these, 73% (19 of 26) were given positive recommendations after the first Appraisal Committee (AC) meeting, whereas 27% (7 of 26) were initially given a Minded No before receiving a positive recommendation in the final appraisal determination, albeit with restricted recommendations for three technologies. Five STAs had company base-case ICERs of £10,000 to £15,000/QALY and all received a positive recommendation after the first Appraisal Committee meeting.

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